The Associates are the “Sweethearts” of our organization. These are women who were active, financial members of our Chapter when their children graduated from high school. As a result, these Mothers also “graduated out” of our beloved organization.  Nonetheless, they remain committed to the National goals and aims, as well as to our Chapter. They dedicate their time and talent to the Chapter, and are willing to assist us as necessary.  Our active Associates are:


  • Charlinda Brown-Gales

  • Donna   Brown

  • Pamela Davis

  • Deborah Enix-Ross – President

  • Thelma Ferguson

  • Brenda Hackett

  • Susan Hairston - Historian

  • Portia Hood-Marshall

  • Raquel  Horn

  • Aretha  Johnson

  • Judith Marshall

  • Felicia McNeil

  • Jacqueline Miller-Shepard - Editor

  • Beverly Reynolds

  • Deborah Reynolds

  • Barbara Parker

  • Jessica  Phipps

  • Cheryll  Porter

  • Sandra  Rice - Secretary

  • Delia Ware-Tibbs

  • Fayette Weatherington

  • Mary Whitner - Treasurer


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